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I am proud to say I have published three novels: two historical fiction books and one contemporary mini-mystery. Each of these books is highlighted in the About My Novels section below.

An actual page from an iBooks Author manuscript: Reflections of the Aging Aviators,

Interactive eBooks

I love working with iBooks Author and publishing books for the Apple Bookstore. They are enriched with interactive widgets such as photo galleries, videos, links to relevant websites, and other creative options. The quality of books created by iBooks Author is outstanding. They are easy to read, and the interactive features are easy to use and enjoyable to view.


Teaching Kids Golf

I have long had a passion for coaching and teaching kids how to get the most from their participation in sports and athletic competition. From wrestling to football, softball, and ultimately golf, I coached and taught kids how to play, compete, and learn from their experiences. Check out the link below for information on my Teaching Kids Golf books.

About My Novels

My New Release - June 2019

One Story ... Two Different Books


Sixty years ago, young men from across the country made the biggest decision of their lives. They all accepted appointments to the United States Air Force Academy. In June 1960, they arrived at the Academy as members of the Class of 1964, the sixth class to enter the nation’s newest service academy. Four years later they graduated and began exciting careers in the Air Force. They flew fighters and helicopters, one flew with the Thunderbirds, another shot down two Migs over Vietnam, one became a POW, and several became general officers. After the Air Force, each continued a life of service in a diversity of professions: lawyer, vascular surgeon, entrepreneur, CEO, astronaut and commander of three space ships, and service at high level government positions. Now, they look back on their experience at the Academy and reflect upon their respective flights through life—and their unbreakable bonds, and lasting memories.

The Aging Aviators, Edwards, CO 2019


Six '64 USAF Academy graduates sporting custom-designed shirts with an Aging Aviators logo on the left sleeve.


The Aging Aviators, Colorado Springs, 2018


This is the last group photo of the Aging Aviators and their wives, anticipating the 55th reunion of the Class of 1964 in 2019.

Paperback - UNBREAKABLE BONDS $19.64