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Signed copies of CLOSURE still available
— 4/12/2017 3:18:05 PM by Terry Isaacson
As of April 2017, I have only 37 hardcover and 18 softcover copies of CLOSURE  remaining for sale at reduced prices. When you order copies of CLOSURE directly from this website, I will sign and send them to you within a few days....

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Tips for Thomas

Tips for Thomas

I wrote this book specifically for my grandson, Thomas Moffat, with the hope that it would inspire him to play golf and learn the fundamentals at a very young age. In doing so, I found that it was a wonderful refresher for my own golf game, a return to basics that had been lost for a myriad of reasons. It may have been written for kids, but I know the fundamentals presented in this book will help golfers of all ages.

Part Two of the book includes a number of drills and games designed to improve skills and confidence on putts of all kinds. Working on these drills should result in immediate improvement in a golfer’s putting ability, thereby lowering scores and increasing enjoyment in the great game of golf.

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