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Signed copies of CLOSURE still available
— 4/12/2017 3:18:05 PM by Terry Isaacson
As of April 2017, I have only 37 hardcover and 18 softcover copies of CLOSURE  remaining for sale at reduced prices. When you order copies of CLOSURE directly from this website, I will sign and send them to you within a few days....

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During a time of apathy and social unrest in the country, two men grew up together as best friends in Boulder, Colorado, and because of different interests, went off to college in opposite directions—one to Boston College and the other to Stanford University.

Lance Carpenter, the star athlete and everyone’s choice for most likely to succeed, suffered a crippling injury that ended his athletic career during his first year in college. With his dream of playing professional football over, he was drawn into the world of corporate finance by an influential Boston College alumnus who took him under his wing and prepared him for leadership in one of Boston’s top financial institutions.

Dee Evans, the introverted intellectual, focused his talents on technology development, and develop technology he did! Within five years of his graduation from Stanford, Dee designed a process that hit a home run in software development. He founded his own company and guided its growth into a multi-hundred-million dollar enterprise that became an attractive target for acquisition by the technology giants in the industry.

With Lance in line to become the chief executive officer of a huge investment bank in Boston, and Dee preparing to take his corporation to the public marketplace, ironic circumstances reunited these two highly successful businessmen for a significant event—their thirty year class reunion. For different reasons, both of them wanted to forget everything that had happened in high school, and neither had interest in seeing old friends.

However, Dee had been selected as Boulder High School’s distinguished citizen for the year, and he wanted Lance to share in the honor at the reunion. Though he did not know it at the time, Lance had been designated by his boss to be responsible for the initial public offering of stock in Dee’s company. They took care of business in record time and agreed to sign documents in Dee’s home after the gala dinner banquet.

But when Dee’s acceptance speech revealed deep secrets buried for thirty years, several of his classmates realized Dee had the key to a death that had happened three decades ago. Within hours, Lance and Dee are drawn into a deadly confrontation fueled by anger and contempt.

For some, it meant closure—for others, it was only the beginning.

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