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Signed copies of CLOSURE still available
— 4/12/2017 3:18:05 PM by Terry Isaacson
As of April 2017, I have only 37 hardcover and 18 softcover copies of CLOSURE  remaining for sale at reduced prices. When you order copies of CLOSURE directly from this website, I will sign and send them to you within a few days....

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Overview of Terry's Books
The Coronado Illusions
A Flight Through Life


The Coronado Illusions is a story laced with assassinations, coups d’etat and political intrigue in a chaotic world of uncertainty and deception. The setting is Manila in the early 1990’s, a city in the Philippines where gunfire and explosions are commonplace, and protests against the presence of U.S. military bases in the country dominate the political scene.

When the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Stan Martin, plans a trip to Manila, threats against individual Americans increase. Martin insists on proceeding with the visit as planned, but what happens when he arrives at Manila International Airport is captured on live television and shocks viewers around the world. With fast-paced action and the dramatic and seemingly indiscriminate events that follow, the story blurs the lines between what is the truth … and what are the illusions.

This tale of political mischief and bloodshed is a stark contrast with Terry Isaacson’s first historical fiction book, A Flight Through Life. This poignant novel is about a lifetime of flying, family and relationships, and all the ups and downs along one’s flight through life.

The story develops the core values of the characters through their experiences with flying airplanes. It touches on life in the early years of the Air Force Academy in Colorado, the realities of war and the courage shown by two families as they face life’s challenges together. More than anything else, this book shows how a grandfather’s love for flying will likely shape core family values for generations to come.

Terry Isaacson’s third book, Closure, was published during the spring of 2010. It is a mystery set in Boulder, Colorado, and Boston, Massachusetts, and the story involves a cast of characters who return to Boulder for the thirtieth reunion of their graduation from Boulder High School. What happens during the three-day reunion results in dramatic actions that change lives forever.